As the world becomes “virtual first”, businesses need to step up their company culture game beyond motivational posters in the office.

Originally published by Tracy Chen on Snack Blog.

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The pandemic accelerated the shift to a fully-remote or hybrid workforce, and companies had to quickly adopt new collaboration tech and processes to enable employees to work from home.

Similarly, transitioning to a remote work culture requires intention and effort, and businesses are realizing that having a vibrant office culture does not automatically translate to a healthy remote team culture.

Here, we identified 5 pillars of success that companies follow to keep their remote culture alive.

Communicate Clearly What You Want to Achieve

Company culture can be likened to the mood of your organization. While it is influenced by internal and external factors, the core values should remain transcendent. Be specific and transparent about your purpose and how you intend to get there — they should be actionable in order to be relatable. …


Gajus Kuizinas

Software architect, startup adviser. Editor of Founder of

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