Dieting app. The problem as you’ve described definitely exists. However, there aren’t perfect solutions. Recognising food (which is the biggest problem here) just by taking a picture is unfortunately impossible (there are thousands of ways to cook a chicken, and everyone’s way of preparing it is going to be different). So until our mobile phones come with a spectrometer (which is possible and would make this problem a lot more solvable), there are no readily available technical solutions.

That being said, and app that locates when you in a restaurant, and pulls restaurant menu from website associated with Google Maps record of the restaurant, and asks you what you ate/ or proposes you to view menu version with taste/ dietary comments from people who already at the place, could be extremely useful, and definitely feasible.

Subleasing is less of a problem in UK. There is which is the most popular way to rent your room. There are options that distinguish short-let and long-let. However, there could be a website that better distinguishes a short-let from long-let, e.g. subletting often means that the subletter is taking upon himself a far greater legal risk & there is no framework for taking a deposition. A website that adds legal framework, insurance, and deposit would certainly be welcome.

Regarding the cafe, there is already

MJ there is a cab service with that pitch. One of them is Shuddle. The other one is called OneLane

Software architect, startup adviser. Editor of Founder of

Software architect, startup adviser. Editor of Founder of