London movie filming site map

IMDb “top 1000” in London

I have been living in London for about 7 years now. Every now and then I get lost in the jungles of the city. Sometimes intentionally. This time, as I was wandering the streets of Notting Hill a thought crossed my mind – I wonder what movies where filmed here? I needed to find out.

  1. I found a Wikipedia article Category:Films shot in London.
  2. I have created a program to aggregate information about all the movies mentioned in the articles. This gave me IMDd IDs.
  3. I have extracted data from the Highest Rated IMDb “Top 1000” Titles list and{MOVIE ID}/locations.
  4. I filtered out locations outside of London, UK.
  5. Used Google Maps service to reverse geocode the location address into coordinates.

This gave a nice table containing information about the movie name, Wikipedia URL, IMDb ID, absolute movie rank in the IMDb “Top 1000” list, filming site address, coordinates, and (sometimes) description of the scene. To make it more fun, I have used Mapbox to map the data.

The result is an interactive map of the famous movie filming sites in London.

Turns out that I am surrounded by the filming sites of some of the most famous movies! Time to book a guided tour!

The map is using Mapbox service and Whamm! style. The lovely map style is created by Amy Lee Watson.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do ♥.

Tech / Product Founder — building

Tech / Product Founder — building