For some reason I am getting a lot of people reaching out to me with questions about Flow roadmap, whether I plan to switch to TypeScript and expressing their concerns about the uncertainty of the Flow future (perhaps because I maintain eslint-plugin-flowtype).

The most common concerns that I hear are:

  1. Flow error messages are hard to comprehend.
  2. No public roadmap.
  3. TypeScript has better IDE integration.

For what is worth,

  • Flow error reporting has improved drastically over the last 12 months. I think the sentiment that TypeScript produces better error messages is outdated. I am going to address this in an article where I compare errors produced by the two type systems.
  • You’ve addressed the communication issue.
  • I do agree that Visual Studio Code provides great experience working with TypeScript.

Avik Chaudhuri can you comment regarding deprecation of Nuclide and the future of Flow IDE integration?

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